In this episode of the amazing kids podcast, Somewhere Galactic, Foster Weeks uses his Galactible Brands Long Range Scanner to track down broadcasts from across the galaxy for his listening audience to be entertained by.  He also engages his father, Douglas Weeks, in an unfortunate conversation about postcards and postal stations.  It’s a fun filled podcast for kids filled with poems, trivia and a little bit of craziness.  Enjoy episode 4 of Somewhere Galactic.

In this episode of the Somewhere Galactic story based kid’s podcast Foster Weeks and his dad continue their adventure towards somewhere galactic.  Tune into Foster’s broadcast as he explores the depths of his own hunger in attempt to direct his journey towards Vlurpies Burgers and Shakes.  Also on this broadcast a game of Froo or Tralse and the conclusion of Timmy and the Slime ‘o Vons.

On this broadcast of the Foster Week’s Somewhere Galactic show, Foster maintains his position that the family is indeed heading for a galactic campground while trying to prove how a kid can always tell when a parent is trying not to say “yes”.  We learn that Foster’s Birthday is coming up and he has a pretty specific idea what he’d like as a gift. All this and more headed your way from Somewhere Galactic.

Foster’s podcast gets off to a rough start as he learns scanning the galaxy for galactic broadcasts doesn’t always make for good entertainment, especially when you have a hunch the family vacation your on is at some point going to involve the one thing you hate, camping. Kid’s and Families ever tune into Somewhere Galactic find out where Foster is headed next.